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Bama Love Soul

"The album is a passionate, personal album with wonderful harmonies that shows a clear appreciation for the Soul Masters. From track one to finish, you’ll groove and fall in love with this joint. Definitely one of my favorite albums for the final quarter of this year!"


"a swirling mix of neo-soul and r’n’b with playful grooves and cheerful harmonies"


"Infused with rich harmonies and grooves.. The album, a romantic neo-soul story-telling of Danny’s own experiences, emotions and musings, features some of Ireland’s best hip-hop, jazz, soul, and funk musicians."


Grown Folks Music

Check out a bit of Jazz/Soul all the way from Dublin, Ireland. Tracks we like: “Never Trust Your Heart”, “Only Me”

The Last Mixed Tape

"From the outset a smooth, full-bodied soul production and soul dominates Love Joints, from the opening scattered rhythms of ‘Be With You’ to the glistening feel of ‘Only Me’ Danny G & the Major 7ths set the style of the record confidently.


And for the most part the album keeps this cohesive, genre led sound flowing from one song to the next. Groenland and his band seem to reveal in the slow grooving feel of the music and certainly have a love of the genre they look to recreate."


Diversity Music Network

"He is Mr. Danny Groenland he has been inspired by Neo-Soul artists like D’Angelo and Dilla. As well as old classics like Curtis Mayfield, Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, James Carr and Al Green to name a few.
He has formed a Music Group and they bring an incredible. Neo-Soul & Smooth Jazzy sound blended with great vocals. "

French Soul is not Dead

Interview en Francais:

"La musique est toute ma vie. Je men sert pour gérer mes émotions. Lorsque je suis déprimé, elle agit comme un ami compatissant. Lorsque je suis heureux, elle me permet de canaliser mon énergie positive. Parfois, elle me permets juste de décompresser."

Remy's Music & Film Blog

"Danny is unique among his peers insofar as it's pretty unheard of for Irish artists to embrace soul with a dash of funk so wholeheartedly. As a huge fan of Curtis Mayfield, Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, James Carr and Al Green to name but a few, I instantly found the music appealing..."


"This is the first album I've reviewed that I feel I've had a (social media) ringside seat to over the course of almost a year, and from the sidelines I've witnessed a lot of hard work and huge dedication go into making it, and it really has paid off, Danny G & The Major 7ths are a tight outfit, and lord knows we need some of their sugar in our bowls"


Sonic Soul Reviews

 "Erkenntnis, dass wir es hier mit einem der bis dato sträflich überhörten Soul-Perlen der vergangenen Saison zu tun haben. Aber noch ist es ja nicht zum spät – also einschalten!"

Maracay Extrema

"2 maracayeros son protagonistas en video musical en Irlanda"


"He is an innately talented soul musician. Danny tackles complex musical motifs and techniques to create a soulful sound that grooves like nothing else on the Irish music scene. Mr G’s band provides the perfect complement to his motown purr; his backing vocalists are a throwback to the era of Aretha and Marvin"

2 U I Bestow

"Tune of the day. Irish Funk? Yes indeed, with nostalgic 80's vibes, Danny G & The Major 7ths have a super video for their new single 'Be With You'."

Tn2 Magazine

"The interaction between the members’ various side projects and what they bring to the Major 7ths is an essential part of what forms their distinctive blend of soul, funk, jazz, hip hop and African music."