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'D.A.R.L.I.N.G.' single feat. Tolü Makay & Jamel Franklin. Digital release on July 31st, 2020 (pre-save link). All proceeds on Bandcamp (Pay what you like) go to MASI.

D.A.R.L.I.N.G. evokes the complex feelings of love and longing that are both strained and strengthened by distance. This song was written and recorded in isolation. Danny: "The genesis of this collaboration came from my group playing gigs with both Jamel and Tolü, I was already a huge fan of both artists. I had the song's chorus and beat - it gave me an early 2000's Neosoul vibe. Tolü and Jamel wrote their verses, the Major 7ths added their parts and the song came together really organically."

The music video was recorded by friends of the artists and represents their different reactions on a video call to a loved one in isolation. See if you can spot some familiar faces* among the 50 people (and 1 cat). Video to be released one week before, on July 24th. 

Vocals & composition - Danny Groenland, Tolü Makay, Jamel Franklin
Beats - Dennis Cassidy & Danny Groenland

Piano - Johnny Taylor
Bass - Graham Heaney

Mixed by Ken McCabe, Wolfhound Sound

Mastered by Fergal Davis

Hipdrop Records 2020

IRSC: QZHNA2069471

Danny G & the Major 7ths - InstagramFacebook, Twitter

Tolü Makay - InstagramFacebookTwitter

Jamel Franklin - Instagram, Twitter

*Familiar faces include Senita Appiakorang (Shookrah), Hudis, Zaska, Breezy iDeyGoke, Neolithic, Paj, James Smith (GOTA, Yurn), Darce, Ríona Sally Hartman, EleventyFour, members of the Major 7ths Dennis Cassidy, Keith Fennell, Graham Heaney, Johnny Taylor, Gráinne McCarthy (LaGracia), Rebecca McFadden and more :)


Photos: Kristy Hal ⬆️ and Ana Lucia Mondolini ⬇️

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